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Episode 2 : Eve Isambourg

EPISODE 2 MEET EVE ISAMBOURG Model, Brand Ambassador, Blogger, Ocean Defender, and Leader of the #ISpeakBlueToo Movement Listen to the Episode Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts Shownotes Colin grew up dreaming of being a … Read More

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Episode 1 : Colin Kuit

Meet Colin Kuit, Entrepreneur, Outdoor Educator, Surfing Instructor, Wildlife Protector and M2O finisher.
Colin grew up dreaming of being a game ranger. He was born and raised amongst the elephants, giraffes, leopards and rhinos of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. His trajectory diverted somewhat, when he discovered the thrill of surfing, and since then, he has followed his passion travelling the world. … Read More

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It’s important to be giving back. The ecosystems are supporting everything we do, yet a lot of us are not in a reciprocal relationship and we're not giving back as much as we can be.

Lilly Woodbury, Episode 16
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